Christian Resources I’ve Been Loving!

Lately I have been loving these Christian Resources that have strengthen my faith and helped me in my relationship with God. I’m sure many of you will already know about these but I thought I’d share this anyway.

I have done a post before on other Resources that can help you in your faith in 35 Ways to Freshen Up Your Relationship with God, My Top Books of 2018 and How to Read the Bible More, if you would like to check those out too!

1.PODCASTS– this is my latest find this year. I used to wonder what all the hype was about podcasts until I started listening to some Christian ones. It is so inspiring and encouraging to listen to having discussion about faith and our everyday lives. I love to listen to these when I’m transporting to and from uni, taking a walk or even while I’m working out!

  • As For Me And My House- with Jordan and Milena Ciciotti
  • The Good Life- with Stevie and Sazan Hendrix
  • The Bible Project
  • RZIM ministry

2. YOU TUBE– I have mentioned this before but I have been so blessed by so many Christian YouTube channels that I have found over the years. Whether it’s a certain topic, bible studies, finding out about other resources or just a good old chat, these have always been my go to when I want to spend some time with the Lord or in a dry season. I have listen some of them below for you to check out!

3. APPS– these are so convenient and so easy to access! The first one I would like to mention is the BibleApp. Not only can you highlight, compare, take notes and have hundreds of versions to choose from, you can also change the bible into your specific language and can choose from thousands of different plans. There is literally something for everyone in this App, and a must have on our devices. The second one I would like to mention is the Enduring Word App, which was oringally an online bible commentary but now in App form! It has really helped me to dig deep into the bible and figure out what God is saying to me, so definately reccomned giving that a go!

4. INSTAGRAM– now those of us who have it all know that regardless of what happens during the day, there will be a time when we randomly scroll through our Instagram feeds. If we’re gonna do this anyway, then why not follow some amazing Christian Instagramer’s for some Godly inspiration during the day. It’s a fool proof way to make sure that you are getting some kind of exposure to God’s voice daily.

  • 30 days of bible lettering
  • Milena Ciciotti
  • As for me and My House Podcast
  • Jesus Kingdom
  • TrustGodBro
  • InstaGod/InstaPray
  • Coffee and Bible Times
  • Celest Rayanna Mann

Those are my 4 resources that I have been loving so much lately. It has honestly helped me strengthen my relaionship with God and I really hope it as inspired you to do the same.

Stay Blessed,

Sarah šŸ’œ

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