200 FOLLOWERS- Thank You!

I still remember making my vision board this year (which I will share soon) and drawing a big 200 followers bit for my blog. I cannot believe we actually made it this far, considering even just 10 followers to me was so huge.

I have to thank God for all the inspiration and drive he gives me to continue this blog. I don’t think I have ever had a day when I felt discouraged by this blog or thought that it was not something that I should do. The encouragement and support that you all give to me is so valuable and I just want to thank this platform for allowing me to find such a wonderful community in which to share my ideas!

I told myself that once I got to 200 followers that I would do something a little but new and exciting. It is going to take a great leap of faith but I believe that God has put it on my heart, so STAY TUNED for some exciting things to come!

May all glory and honor and praise be to my God and Savior Jesus Christ for ever blessing, whether great or small!

Stay Blessed,

Sarah 💜

24 thoughts on “200 FOLLOWERS- Thank You!

  1. Congrats Sarah!!!

    I wish that I can say that I never felt discouraged when I first started my blog. The truth is I did get discouraged and wondered was I just wasting my time. I pour my heart into my blog so that I can make a connection with my readers and they can make a connection with me.

    Blogging has been an emotional journey. There is always a deeper meaning and truth behind all that I share for others to see. I preconceived visions of who my blog posts will touch and I stay hopeful that when someone reads my content, they can feel the emotions I was trying to convey.

    I am learning that this is part of what blogging is about. I’m putting a lot into what most people may see as a hobby. But I see it as ministry.

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