My Top Books of 2018

This year I found a love for reading books. I used to read when I was little and then I lost interest, but after having gone through many things,I have a new-found passion for reading! My goal was to read 50 books this year, but considering I started reading in May, I reckon I still have some time left, with the current total at 30!

I have read every kind of book from faith, to entrepreneurship, to business, to self-care and fiction! The books that made the most impact on me are listed down below, and if you are in need of motivation, or inspiration or just God’s word for the New Year, then these are must reads!

KISSES FROM KATIE- Katie Davis: This book has to be my favorite book of ALL TIME and of course it’s a NY Best-Seller! I’ve read this book over and over again, and each time God reveals something new to me. It’s a beautiful story about how a 18-year old girl falls in love with the people of Uganda, and dedicates her entire life to their service, leaving behind her all American life, to start Amazima ministries. It’s a great read if you are looking to strengthen your faith, or even if you’r thinking of doing missions work yourself. The bible verses that she used and the stories that she told, really touched my heart and spoke to me a lot in a very needy time.

“I was learning that the powerless, broken, dependent places was actually the place where the Lord was closest to me”
“If Jesus comes into your heart, yes, it will explode with love and peace and joy”

DARING TO HOPE- Katie Davis Majors:This book is a part 2, to Kisses from Katie. It follows Katie’s life even more closely, and she takes on her journey into pain and brokenness. What stood out to me, was her unshakable faith and trust in the Lord. There wasn’t a page in the book when God wasn’t mentioned, I savored every single word written down. Her writing style is beautiful and captivating her references to scripture inspired me so much to look into those stories. Every time I read the book I felt as though it was speaking right into my situation every night. I can’t recommend this book enough.
“We needed to believe that God, who gave His Son was giving all that we needed and THAT was beauty enough, even without a happy ending” 
“To be a prisoner of hope is to be the freest of all because we look at our circumstances and except Jesus to enter in and redeem, renew and restore.

THE PROMISE OF A PENCIL- Adam Braun: This is an inspiration story about a man who although had a successful wall-street courier, felt a yearning to do something bigger than himself. The yearning led him to build over 250 schools for children all around the world. The call started when he was walking through the streets of India, travelling, he met a boy who said that if he could have anything in the world, it would be a pencil. Through this one experience he created a successful start up that now helps millions of children all around the world, and now has written a book about how you can do that too!! An inspiration, NY time best-seller, for all looking to do the same!

“I believe that where you start in life should not dictate where you finish.”
“I wanted to be a part of something that extended for beyond my 2 hands and the possessions they could hold”

THE COLOR OF GRACE- Bethany Haley Williams: this book helped me to lift myself out of my own brokenness. It taught me that just because you are broken, or used, or thrown away, God is not done with you. But in fact, those are the people that Jesus came and those are the people He wants to use. This is the story of psychologist Bethany Williams who having gone through so much shame and brokenness was led by God to child soldiers and sex slave children in Africa. It is a moving and beautiful story about what the grace of Jesus can do in our lives and through us, in the lives of others. A beautifully written book about the power of God’s grace.

“He does crazy, beautiful things like that. Crazy beautiful things like taking our deepest pain and giving it meaning in the craziest, most beautiful ways possible” 
“If they were our children, what would we do?”

JUMP- Steve Harvey: I first saw this author as a successful TV and Radio personality, anchoring the show ‘Little Big Shots’. I fell in love with his comedy and sense of humor. I searched him up and found out that He was a Christian too and that He had written many books on how be successful in our day to day lives and in our work and business lives, also offering spiritual guidance. He has written many other motivational books, and is now a NY best-selling author too. A great man of God that is able to share the Word of God to the millions of people that watch and listen to Him. This book is a must read for those seeking motivation and encouragement, and gives us the push we need to conquer our fears and live our lives, worthy of our calling.

“Once you jump, God will take it from there”
“You can feel when God brings the right things into your life, at the right time because it is effortless and smooth sailing.

BE THE GIFT- Ann Voskamp: Another NY time best-selling author Ann Voskamp, writes with her own unique flare. Reading her work is like reading poetry that makes you feel so at peace, and so calm. I love the title because the theme of the book is we can let our brokenness get the better of us, and feel like God can’ts use us when we’re broken. But we are broken to be poured out to others who are broken as well. It completely changed my perspective on pain and suffering and I felt like I had been released from bondage and all I wanted to do was pour myself out to others. It’s a captivating book and will change the way you feel about suffering and brokenness.
“Be brave and do not pray for the heard thing to go away, but pray for a bravery that’s bigger than the hard thing”
“In being the gift of healing for someone’s brokenness, we receive the gift of healing for our own brokenness”

I hope you enjoyed reading about these books, make sure to give them a read. If you have already read these books, leave me a comment down below would love to hear your thoughts on them! All pictures were taken from and don’t forget to visit the links in the captions for more goodness!

Hope your 2018 was amazing and Wish everyone a Very Blessed 2019!!

Stay Blessed,

Sarah 💜


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