The Different Ways God Speaks

I have heard it said that it is really hard to hear the voice of God, whether that is in prayer or just in everyday life. But maybe He just speaks in ways that we may not have thought of. In the movie We Bought a Zoo, there is a young man who is confused... Continue Reading →

The Dark

The dark places seem unbearable don't they? Depression, anxiety, divorce, disease,'s all to much. It doesn't give you any notice, without any warning it just hits you where it hurts the most. They say that light can overcome the darkness, yet the only thing faster than light is darkness. Happiness and joy take a... Continue Reading →

Bible Study Devotional: 1 Corinthians 15

The city of Corinth reminds me often of my part of the world in Auckland, New Zealand. It's a major port city and the economic hub of the country and we are proud to one of the most diverse cities in the world, with people from thousands of different nationalities, ethnicity, languages and religions. Corinth... Continue Reading →

How to Make a God Centered 2021 Vision Board.

I have been making visions boards for the past 3 years and have found it an incredible way to keep focused throughout the year, although a lot of the time things don't happen the way I want it too, sometimes they don't happen at all, and sometimes they do! While creating a vision board can... Continue Reading →

Vision and Mission of AymerAyd

It's been just over 4 months since I last wrote and I've missed it so much! It was a much needed time to focus on other priorities in life, but to also have a re-think and re-haul of this blog and the content that I want to produce, but more importantly share with all of... Continue Reading →

God Doesn’t ‘Save’ Us, Like We Think He Should.

I was talking to a friend about how it just seems like God was not listening. Like he was not rescuing us from our troubles, or giving us a sign that He is there or that He is doing something and when we pray how we are just closing our eyes, seeing darkness and saying... Continue Reading →

A Journal Entry on Surrender.

"We don't have to worry about what happened before or how it happened. We don't have to wish that it would have been better because we KNOW that God does everything perfectly. So, we do not have to worry. His timing is perfect. "- a sticky note from my journal. Sometime's I really just wonder... Continue Reading →

Drawing Near to God.

You look at many of the characters in the bible and see these one-on-one, candid conversations they have with God. In 2 Samuel 2:1, is one such conversation that struck me as really special. It says "David asked the Lord...the Lord replied...then David asked...the Lord answered." I genuinely wish my conversations with God were a... Continue Reading →

A Journal Entry on Prayer.

I think praying for others is one of the most selfless things we can do. Putting their needs before ours, no matter how intense our own seasons might be. It is like what Jesus did, when He was dying on the cross yet prayed and interceded for everyone else around him. It does not really... Continue Reading →

When it Feels like God is Not in Control.

There have been so many full stops to the plans that I have made this year. Being someone who is incredibly organised and plans my timetables, my outfits, my lunch and all those things, a week in advance....changing plans, is not my cup of tea. There may be more pressing matters in your own life... Continue Reading →

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