In A Rut- Part 2

You know quotes or verses that just make you feel some kind of way. The ones that pierce so deep into your heart that you just, it’s hard to sit still. This was one such statement in my life. “My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in your weakness” – 2Continue reading “In A Rut- Part 2”

In A Rut- Part 1

I have been in the biggest rut these past few weeks. It’s just been outbursts of emotion, feeling like not having a purpose and just not wanting to do anything, even the things I love. But I am so glad that God allowed this in my life because what I learnt from it was beyondContinue reading “In A Rut- Part 1”

Replacing Lies about ourselves with the Truth

It’s been an interesting year so far. I think back on this time, last year and realise how better of I am, by the grace of God. But I’m still left feeling the effects of everything that happened last year. Things happen. Then you’re okay for some time. But how do we know the difference,Continue reading “Replacing Lies about ourselves with the Truth”