5 tips for when you don’t feel like reading the bible.

I thought that if anything, self-isolation would be the best time to have my quiet times with the Lord. After all these days, I finally had the chance to just sit down with the Lord for as long as I wanted to, without having to worry about anything else. This was what I wanted forContinue reading “5 tips for when you don’t feel like reading the bible.”

In A Rut- Part 2

You know quotes or verses that just make you feel some kind of way. The ones that pierce so deep into your heart that you just, it’s hard to sit still. This was one such statement in my life. “My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in your weakness” – 2Continue reading “In A Rut- Part 2”

In A Rut- Part 1

I have been in the biggest rut these past few weeks. It’s just been outbursts of emotion, feeling like not having a purpose and just not wanting to do anything, even the things I love. But I am so glad that God allowed this in my life because what I learnt from it was beyondContinue reading “In A Rut- Part 1”

Published?! :)

I am so thankful that Godinterest Christian Magazine decided to publish my blog post Why it is so Important to Read the Bible! I am so grateful to God and to Godinterest Magazine for enabling me to reach more people with the Good News that God as put on my heart! Stay Blessed, Sarah 💜

How to read the Bible more!

Hey everyone 🙂 So today I wanted to talk about something that all of us Christians struggle with in our lives and that is getting ourselves to dig deep into God’s word. Honestly, if we genuinely wanted God to listen to us, we wouldn’t have to drag ourselves into it. Shouldn’t it be something thatContinue reading “How to read the Bible more!”