The Man who went from Prisoner to Savior.

From a prisoner, to the Savior of the Destitute. What was the change? JESUS CHRIST. "When I follow Him, I am just a clay in His hands" - T. Raja At the age of 16, T. Raja was sitting in a prison cell, not knowing where life would take him. How did he get there? He… Continue reading The Man who went from Prisoner to Savior.



Welcome to Blogmas!! Bite-sized pieces of inspiration and motivation, during the next 12 days leading up to Christmas, to get you thinking about the Holiday Season and what it really means to you! LOVE  Love. It's something we all yearn for, something we all strive for. But it's not always freely available, and sometimes it… Continue reading BLOGMAS: Day 2

Shoe Box

What is in a Christmas present that makes me smile? Is it the wonder and amazement of shiny new packaging or clean new, or is it the love inside the comes from the hands who made it? I imagine myself as a girl in Malawi. I look at the school bus driving by, sweeping dust… Continue reading Shoe Box


I walked right in. Like it was my own veedu (house). It's white, decadent ceiling looming above my head and it's ancient windows with mouths open wide. Beams of sunlight and speckles of dust drained through the them and it was as if I wasn't really alone at all. The birds outside were chirping away,… Continue reading Seeds