2019, What will You Bring?

Well, I can't believe it, but it's 2019 already!!??? It's time for a new us, new challenges, new experiences and the big one, CHANGE. It's a time when we are busy writing and thinking about New Year's resolutions, about how we can make 2019 a better year for ourselves, and for the people around us. [...]



I walked right in. Like it was my own veedu (house). It's white, decadent ceiling looming above my head and it's ancient windows with mouths open wide. Beams of sunlight and speckles of dust drained through the them and it was as if I wasn't really alone at all. The birds outside were chirping away, [...]

The Least of Him

Hey guys! Welcome back!! If you haven't read my last post, I suggest reading it before reading this one just to get a background. But anyway, let's get right into it! In my previous post I talked about how God sometimes speaks to us in what seems like the most insignificant moments. I was sitting [...]