The Man who went from Prisoner to Savior.

From a prisoner, to the Savior of the Destitute. What was the change? JESUS CHRIST.

“When I follow Him, I am just a clay in His hands”

– T. Raja

At the age of 16, T. Raja was sitting in a prison cell, not knowing where life would take him. How did he get there? He was a very troublesome boy, getting into drugs and theft when he was very young, on the streets of Bengaluru. Already being ostracized deeply by his family, he was thrown out of the home after stealing from them. So, as a young boy, he slept under bridges and pipes and continued his habit of stealing. This time he was caught and thrown into prison.

One day, he was taken very ill with fever in his cell and he made a deal with God. If somehow God would take Him out of prison, he would dedicate his whole life to the service of God. The fever came down, his parents bailed him out of prison and he began driving an auto for a living.

In his time roaming the streets as a boy, he carefully observed the people who called the streets their home, much like he did. He saw face to face their pain and suffering. When he finally began to make a living with his auto, he would go around providing water, food, clothes and bed sheets to who ever he saw, that needed it. It earned him the affectionate name, ‘Auto Raja‘, but he wanted to do so much more, than this.

“What I do is God’s work and I am just an instrument in his mission”

– T. Raja

He began carrying people off the streets and into his own home, to provide them with care and what ever else he could do. Neighbors and friends ridiculed him, yet he still continued to do what God has put in his heart. Sometimes it seeing all the suffering was too much for him he says but he goes on to say “When Christ, my Lord was on my side, I can bear this cross. Except for Christs’ love, my mission is nothing”

Today he is the founder of New Ark Mission, in Bengaluru a Home of Hope for the 750 destitutes, orphans and those with mental illness living on the streets. To his day he has rescued over 10, 000 beggars and the destitute from he streets of Bengaluru for the past 20 years and has cremated over 4000 bodies found on the streets, ensuring a proper and dignified death.

I was so very moved when I heard about this man. I connected with him on such a deep level, that need, that desire that feels bigger than my body itself, to serve the Lord in some way. Out of gratitude and out of love for what He has done for me. To shower the love that he has poured out on me, to the people who are living with no love. Isn’t this what God came down to do? To sit with and help the lonely, the lost and the suffering? Didn’t he come to carry the destitute in his loving arms? Did he not care for those who called the streets their home, whether it was their fault or not?

So he answered them, ‘Go and tell John what you have observed and heard: the blind see, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear again, the dead are raised, and the destitute hear the good news’

– Jesus (Luke 7:22)

I noticed that in most media and news paper sources, Jesus Christ is not mentioned. It is only mentioned in Christian papers and articles, which is sad because the story is only reaching a certain amount of people. Please join me in sharing the word about how Jesus Christ can transform the lives of anybody who will just call upon His name and believe that He can save them. Do please share this post on your social media’s, raise awareness about the work that is being done in India and the outpouring of the Love of Jesus Christ.

Here is a link to get involved in T. Raja’s ministry, please take a minute to check out his website:

Stay Blessed,

Sarah 💜


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