35 Ways to Freshen up our Relationship with God!

I’ve always had a bit of a predicament. I love to have my routines, but I also get bored easily. Whether that’s when I’m studying or teaching Sunday School, and most importantly when it comes to my relationship with God. So I’ve come up with 35 different ways, we can all spruce up our quiet times or just change the way we maintain our relationship with God. Did I mention, I also get easily distracted? If you are as quirky and indecisive as I am, or your looking for ways to incorporate more of Jesus into your own life, then just keep on reading!


1.STICKY NOTES: write verses or scripture or words of encouragement on these handy things and stick them on your mirror, or beside you bed. Anywhere where you know you’ll catch yourself looking, is the place for these. It’s a great way to keep meditating and memorizing scripture, so that they are engraved in our hearts.

2. COMMENTARIES: I have found these so helpful this past year! If you don’t understand a part of scripture that you are reading, then commentaries are a great way to understand what God is saying through biblical scholars. One I have found very helpful is Enduring Word, by David Guzik, go ahead and check that one out!

3. DAILY DEVO’s: get yourself a daily devotional that you can keep beside your bed, or carry around with you. You can get in depth ones or 5 minutes ones, what ever suits you. The most important thing is we can read God’s instructions and promises to use everyday, and don’t have to be confused about where to begin. There are some great devotionals out there, including My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers), Jesus Calling (Sarah Young), or Word for You Today, who deliver straight to your mailbox, or to your inbox!

4. SOAP: the more I used this method of Bible study, the more I got out of my quiet time. S=scripture (the verse) , O= observation (what you observed from the text), A= application (how you can apply it to yourself, what God is trying to say) and finally P= prayer (pray for what God has revealed to you through the passage). It really helps you dig into God’s word!

5. MEDITATE: commentaries and Google and YouTube are great tools to help guide you through scripture, but sometimes it is so much greater to just chew on God’s word and ask Him to reveal to you what it means. Have a try, I promise you it’ll be a “light bulb, ahhhhhh” moment.

6. MANTRA: here’s a mantra I found online. “No Bible, No Breakfast, No Bible, No Bed”. I think it speaks for itself, the more you do it, the more it’ll become a habit.

7. MANNA: Feed yourself daily. Reading the bible has to be a daily routine, because if we do not get our daily bread then we can’t start the day of right and we will get hungrier and weaker as the days role by. Incorporate bible reading time into your everyday life, to grow in your relationship with God.


8. CATCH AND TALK: when you catch yourself, worrying, stressing or feeling depressed or angry make it a point to talk to God. It’ll give you a good excuse to talk to Him, and you might just find yourself talking to God more than once in a day.

9. SONGS: if you don’t know what to say in a prayer, or don’t know where to begin, there are so many beautiful songs you can say as a prayer, or even sing as a prayer. It’s an amazing way to feel the presence of God during a prayer time, it really touches the heart.

10. JOURNALS: I have found a love for journals. I have two, one for prayers and one for God’s revelations and my dreams. I decorate them with pictures and tape and stickers and anything that I can find to make the whole experience of meditating on God’s word as fun as it can be. This is a great way to reflect and look back at what God has done in your life throughout the years, not just for you, but the generations after you as well. You can find specific Christian journals and stationary at Manna Stores, in NZ, or at the Daily Grace company who ship worldwide.

11. WAKE UP EARLY: I found this to be very useful as Uni can get very busy. Waking up early, gives me not only a great start to the day but a chance to give God the first few moments or sometimes even hours of my day, when no one can disturb me. I am not by any means a morning person, but when you put the work in to learn God’s word, I have found that He surely rewards you!

12. THANKS: give thanks in all circumstances. Instead of starting prayers of with wants, start them off with thanksgiving to God and sets the rest of the prayer off on a positive note. After all none of the things He has provided you with before came out of nowhere. No matter what happens during the day, or the week, always remember to start by thanking God for the countless blessings He has already given to you.

13. PASSION: if you find it hard to find the desire to pray, PRAY for that! Pray for a passion to be able to talk to God, pray for a passion to be able to hear and Him and as a result to follow His will. No prayer is too stupid for God to hear, He just wants to hear from you. Talk to God like you talk to a friend, I promise you, He is listening.

14. FRIENDS: never under estimate the power of prayer, the intimacy you can have with God when you get down on your knees and speak to Him. Even better get together with someone and pray with them, for where there are two or three gathered in His name, He is there with them. So call up a friend you know, pray together and see what God does!

15. CUTTING OUT: how much time do you spend on your phone? How much time do you spend going out with friends? How much time do you spend studying? These are all really fun and helpful things to be doing, but if you cut out 5-10 mins of some activity yo do during the day and use it to spend time with God instead, you will see what a difference it can make to your life.

16. WRITING DOWN: Like I said, I get distracted really easily. When I study, I have to keep moving my pen or my thoughts wander all over the place. For the past 2 years, I have been writing my prayers down in a special journal as mentioned above, and it has been so helpful to me. I am able to pray about everything I wanted to, I don’t forget but I can also look back on my prayers and thank God for the ones that have been answered, and keep praying for the ones that haven’t been answered.

17. DON’T GIVE UP: when God doesn’t answer you’re prayer, don’t give up on your relationship with Him. Keep working at it, keep praying, keep reading His Word, because one day He will reveal himself to you and through the waiting, you would have learnt to become stronger in your relationship with Him.


18. CHURCH: Yes, this is a point! I have heard of so many people on a Sunday morning settling for an online worship or sermon. These are great, and handy, I do agree. But you can never get the same experience and presence of God, by staring at a screen by yourself, at home. You can never fellowship with God’s people unless you attend a church, and worship together as one body of God’s people….an experience you cannot get online.

19. GROUPS: if church really isn’t your thing, then try a small/cell group or even a youth group. They are smaller and make it easier to share and to fellowship in. It’s an amazing way to make some really good friends that you can hopefully rely on when you need them and they can really encourage you in your walk with God.

20. SHARING: sharing is a great way for you to grow you relationship with God. You don’t have to know everything about the bible to share with someone about His word. Just speak your story and God will do the rest, and you will really be able to see God at work in and through you.

21. POUR OUT: something I learnt last year was that when you’re feeling really down and depressed, going out of your way to do something for someone else, makes you feel so good. God wants us to love others, and to do things for other people, and when we help others in our lowest points, God can really bless that. Have a read of Isaiah 58!

22. LOVE: love those God has already placed around. If you want to serve God in big ways, learn to serve Him in the smalls ways and see Him at work. Build a relationship with Him in your small surroundings, so that when He takes you out into the world, you will have an unshakable relationship with Him already founded.

23. GIFTS: you your gifts and talents to serve the God you love. This is a mixture of all the different points mentioned above. When you go to church or small group or you start to do things for the people around you, figure out what your gifts and talents are, and use them for the extension of God’s kingdom.


24. BIBLE APP: the bible app, is one of my latest discoveries, suggested by a friend. It’s a really cool bible app, that lets you take notes and highlight passages for free. It gives you thousands of plans to follow if you’re not sure where to begin by thousands of authors, notifies you of the verse of the day and actually rewards for various different things you do. It’s a great way to keep track of your bible reading. For more bible reading tips see my post How to Read the Bible More.

25. BACKGROUNDS: again, Pinterest is a treasure trove of amazing pictures, verses and wallpapers for all kinds of tasted. Try using them as wallpapers for phones, laptops and iPad. We live in an age where we look at these things daily, and no matter what we’re doing on them we will always come back to the home screen. This is again, a great way to keep reminding yourself of what is important in your life, and God’s word.

26. SHARING (2): social media is a great way to tell the people you know about your relationship with God, and His word to you. Information spreads like wildfire on social media and you never know who your story might touch.


27. BIOGRAPHIES/CHRISTIAN BOOKS: reading stories about other people’s faith and their walk in Jesus, can really help to strengthen our own, or to be able to relate to them. The more books I read, the more I learn about life from their struggles and blessings. for some book recommendations read my post My Top Books of 2018.

28. GOOD OLD RADIO: one of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is to turn the AM radio on. It combines, great Christian music, touching messages and some great company. Of course, there’s always YouTube, but with the radio there is no distraction of internet or social media looming over you, so give it a go!

29. DECOR: decorating you house, or room or your own space with Christian artwork or verses, is again, a great reminder for our everyday lives. When we surround ourselves with His word, it minimizes the risk of Satan’s dirty work. You can find all kinds of verses and paintings at you finger tips on Pinterest! Or you can DIY them yourself!

30. ARK: Acts of Random kindness are great positivity boosters. Just forgetting about ourselves, and our worries and focusing instead on the needs and burdens of others, we can do what we can to make it better for the next person. There have even been studies showing that doing ARK, can make your overall mood and day, better in the blink of an eye.

31. SELFREFLECT: sometimes it’s great to just sit down and reflect on what God has done on your life, and what He is doing in your life and for what He might do in your life. Reflect on the good, the bad and the in-between. It puts you in a much better mood and really helps to grow and refresh your relationship with God and to spend some time with Him. Do this monthly, weekly or even daily for 5-10 minutes.

32. CREATION: the beauty of the nature that surrounds us is an amazing way to feel close to the presence of God. Try getting outside to pray or to have quiet time, or just take a walk through nature to refresh your relationship with God. Just get outside and talk to Him.

33. STICK: always remember to stick to God and stick it through the bad times with Him. He never leaves you, not even when you do wrong, so why should we let go of our relationship with Him when things don’t go our way? No relationship would work on a terms and conditions agreement.

34. DESIRE: we can only grow in our relationship with God, if we have the desire to. To have a relationship, there must first be the desire to be in that relationship, and then the desire to commit to it. Do you have a desire to have a relationship with God? Or do you just want the benefits of it, without the commitment? Have a think!

35. EXPERIENCE: when you don’t know where to begin, start with someone who has experience in their relationship with God. There is so much we can learn from our elders, and our pastors and leaders. Family is a great place to start as well. Try it! Ask someone experience that you know, who could help you in your walk with Christ.

Hope you enjoy all these tips and tricks to freshen up and grow in your relationship with God!

Stay Blessed,

Sarah πŸ’œ

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  1. Savvy101 - Writers

    Hi Sarah, such a wonderful and deep article, I love it! Especially this phrase: β€œNo Bible, No Breakfast, No Bible, No Bed”. Blessings to you and your family. People are hungry for God, more I live more I see it. Life is wonderful although challenging thing.. with God(and His Blessings) it’s a wonderful journey! Praying for you. πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨

    Liked by 2 people

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