2019, What will You Bring?

Well, I can’t believe it, but it’s 2019 already!!??? It’s time for a new us, new challenges, new experiences and the big one, CHANGE. It’s a time when we are busy writing and thinking about New Year’s resolutions, about how we can make 2019 a better year for ourselves, and for the people around us.

When I was little, we would attend midnight services, in our church back in Chennai. Glittery, scratching costumes, heavy jewelry and pins stuck deep inside my scalp to keep flowers from falling off. The one thing I remember the most about these services were the promise cards that were given out to every single person in the congregation, and let me tell you there was a heck of a lot! We would pray in our heads or as families and when our turn came to pick out a promise card, we would put our hands into the box, pull out a card and that would be what God was telling us for that year.

This year we weren’t able to go to India, and hence no promise cards this year. But I feel like even without the promise cards, God has spoken to me this year about what He wants me to focus on, and what His promises are for me this year. It’s amazing how if we just sit in silence, cut out every worldly noise that keeps hitting us, we can hear still small voice. It’s not a loud burst of lighting or thunder, its a voice, speaking, softly and tenderly into your heart.

” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

– Proverbs 3:5

I started praying for God’s words for me, for 2019, even before Christmas. I knew that it wouldn’t just come to me, I had to work at it. Christmas was a hard time, and I was looking for some kind of motivation or encouragement when I stumbled upon a video, about what you can do when you are facing struggles. 1) God is good 2) Trust in the Lord. It was amazing because it really resonated with all the songs I was hearing that week, and the bible verses that I was reading. I still wasn’t sure though. But since that week, and till date God keeps on and one reminding me that I need to trust in Him.Whether that’s through a friend, or a song that keep repeating itself, or the passages that I am lead to read or a message preached in church, God is making one thing clear to me and that is to TRUST IN HIM.

“….but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

– Isaiah 40:31

For the last couple days of the year, my family and I went on vacation. I decided I would go without WiFi or my laptop or my phone, just so I could get away from the world and hear God’s voice alone. We went to a water park, with these really cool amazing slides, that were completely pitch dark as you tumbled through them, not knowing when it would end, or when you would see the light. All you did was trust the person who designed and built it.

That’s exactly what God wanted to teach me. Even though I didn’t know when I’d see the light, or when I would come out on the other side and even though it was dark and I couldn’t see a thing, I felt like the water that carried me through the slides, were making me fly! Really! It was as though I was just flying! Like I was mounting up with wings like eagles. I just closed my eyes, and I didn’t care that it was dark and I didn’t care about when I would get out, I just closed my eyes and repeated the verse over to myself, as many times as I went on the slide. Whatever I face this year, I know that like the water in the slide, God will carry me through the dark and I will see the light, but only if I trust Him enough to go on that slide…..on that journey, which He has designed and planned for me.

SO, 2019, here you are and here I am. Can I keep an unshakable trust in the Lord this year? That no matter what comes, that I can keep my faith in Him and He will give me a peace that surpasses all understanding (Isaiah 26:3). My even if mentality must change into an even when mentality.Even when he doesn’t move mountains that I want Him to, even when He doesn’t part the waters that I wish to walk through , even when He doesn’t answer me when I cry to Him….I will trust in Him. Because He is good. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

Stay Blessed,

Sarah 💜


2 thoughts on “2019, What will You Bring?

  1. Sarah, this is beautiful! From your heart. Your readers are blessed by your sharing. Such a delight to hear from the heart of a young lady who loves the Lord,and speaks from her heart! I love the analogy of the dark slide as compared to the world…. WE must TRUST…Hugs, sister.

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