BLOGMAS: Day 11- Are you missing someone this Christmas?

Welcome to Blogmas!!! Bite-sized pieces of inspiration and motivation, during the next 12 days leading up to Christmas, to get you thinking about the Holiday Season and what it really means to you!


Christmas is a time of Joy. But for many of us it is a reminder about loved ones who can’t be with us. Maybe you live in different countries, maybe there is a family problem. This year may have even brought about heartache through the passing away of a mother, brother or friend. When we see people around us with their own loved ones we want to be around ours too. It can be so hard, and so heartbreaking.

But I’ve been hearing the saying lately that “WHEN YOU MISS SOMEONE, YOU REMEMBER THEM AND KEEP THEIR MEMORY ALIVE”. I think that is so beautiful, because when we think about them we keep their memory alive. The Christmas’s spent together, the gifts exchanged, their voice, their touch. The people we might have had around us last Christmas, may not be the sames on that we have this year. And that’s okay because that’s life. We meet new people, we lose others. The most important thing is that we surround ourselves with loved ones this Christmas and share the peace and love of God.

Memories can be heartbreaking, but it’s time to make more ones this Christmas!

Stay Blessed,

Sarah 💜🎄


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