BLOGMAS: Day 10- The Meaning Behind Our Christmas Trees

Welcome to Blogmas!!! Bite-sized pieces of inspiration and motivation, during the next 12 days leading up to Christmas, to get you thinking about the Holiday Season and what it really means to you!


Have you ever wondered why we put Christmas lights up? Or why we put baubles on the trees? And why do we even give gifts? All those questions answered in today’s, bitesized post!

CHRISTMAS TREES= these evergreen trees symbolize the everlasting life that we have because Jesus was born and He died to save us from our sins, so we would’t have to die. What a great reminder to have in the house!
RED AND GREEN= everywhere we go we are hit in the face with these colors, the world seems to be painted in them, this time of year. The red represents the blood that was shed for us on the cross and the green, like the tree symbolizes eternal or even new life!
BELLS= who hands bells on the tree on in the house? They are said to symbolize how bells were rung around the world during Christmas time to tell people of the arrival of Jesus Christ.
CANDY CANES= how can there be Christmas without a few Candy Canes thrown in? Of course they have green and red thrown in, but the white can also symbolize Jesus’ purity. The canes themselves signify the shepherds staff, the ones that were visited by the angels on that Holy Night!
WREATHS= now I’m sure that most if not all of the neighborhood will have these beauties hanging outside our doors. It tells everyone driving by and coming into your house that Christmas is coming. It actually symbolizes the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on His head when He died on the cross, and the red berries represent his blood!
STARS/LIGHTS/TINSEL= these all represent the obvious, or maybe not so obvious. The star of course is representative of the star that the wise men followed to see the baby Jesus. All these things combined though, all represent light. The light that was born into this world, to dispel the darkness.
GIFTS= last but not least, why do we even gifts. They represent the gifts that the wise men brought baby Jesus, and hence today we give our loved ones presents too. The most beautiful and my favorite thing are the bows. They represent how we should all be tied together in unity this Christmas, no matter the problem, the size, the shape or price. It’s a time to be as one.

Isn’t it great to find out that all the things we do and see during Christmas time has so much meaning? The world can secularize Christmas so much to the point that the real story is lost, but it’s meaning will always remain true to the fact that Jesus was born on this day and that is surely what we are celebrating. It’s so nice to know that everywhere we look we can see the symbols that represent what happened on that first Christmas. What decorations have you used this year? Have you used any of the above? Comment down below, I would love to hear what you did!

Stay Blessed,


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