Shoe Box

What is in a Christmas present that makes me smile? Is it the wonder and amazement of shiny new packaging or clean new, or is it the love inside the comes from the hands who made it?

I imagine myself as a girl in Malawi. I look at the school bus driving by, sweeping dust on to my already dusty clothes, and I long to be on one. But if I was riding away to school, who would fetch the water from brothers and sisters? So I keep walking, wondering what school would be like. Was the teacher nice? Would I make new friends? Wouldn’t it be lovely to read and write? She pondered these things within herself, because she would not bring herself to ask her parents, if she could go to school. Because she knew, they had nothing. 

Then one day, all that changed. In her hands was a red and green box, bursting at the edges. She squealed with delight, “A present for me?” she thought “Am I really that special?” She carefully opened the edges, not wanting to damage a single thing for this was the most amazing present she had ever received in her life. Carefully lifting the lid. she couldn’t believe her eyes. Pens, pencils, notebook, ruler, flashlight. “I can go to school now! I can read and write!” she screams, the happiness glowed through her face. Living in a very poor home there was no electricity, yet somehow her box contained a flashlight. Upon digging deeper in, she found a booklet. One that she would treasure for the rest of her life, that would change her life forever. It was The Greatest Gift Gospel Booklet.

“When I read the booklet, it proved to me that God is there. That encouraged me to start going to church. As I learned about the Bible, I was being transformed.” 

The flashlight may have an electricity problem, but the girl became the light that shone through her entire house, she was God’s light and she could not hide it. She became a believer and through her all 10 of her family members accepted Jesus Christ. 

12 year-old Angela 

So as you can see, it is not only buying things and packing the boxes, and spending the money. It is in the love and prayer that go into them. Without God’s love, they are just boxes filled with things anyone can buy. But with God’s immeasurable, overflowing, never ending love they are symbols of change in so may hearts. 

A shoe box doesn’t just carry love and a tangible expression of that, but it carries the message of Jesus- Louie Giglio

She is 12 year old Angela from Malawi, a Daughter of God, a Witness to her community and the whole world about the love of Jesus Christ. 



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